Here's what's scheduled for the event. All times are in BST.

Monday, April 24, 2023
8:30 AM
Registration, networking and morning coffee
9:00 AM
Conference introduction
9:05 AM
Chair’s opening remarks
9:10 AM
Welcome address - Sustainability: financing our future
9:20 AM
Opening keynote address - The City’s credentials as a global centre for green finance
9:35 AM
Keynote address - The role of central banks in relation to climate change
9:50 AM
The future of sustainable finance and investment post-COP 27
10:30 AM
Networking and morning coffee
11:00 AM
Best practice climate and nature reporting: progress towards a unified approach
11:40 AM
The data challenge – sourcing accurate data to map to taxonomies and reporting
12:20 PM
Moving to best practice transition plans – The work of the Transition Plan Taskforce
1:00 PM
Networking and lunch
2:00 PM
The key themes of COP28
2:15 PM
Fireside chat - FinTech in Africa
2:45 PM
Evolution of nature markets and nature positive investments
3:25 PM
Networking and afternoon tea
3:55 PM
Voluntary carbon markets – regulation and legitimacy
4:35 PM
Climate adaptation: what steps should financial institutions be taking now?
5:15 PM
Chair’s closing remarks
5:20 PM
Networking drinks reception and end of Day One
7:00 PM
City of London Networking Dinner

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023
8:30 AM
Registration, networking and morning coffee
8:55 AM
Chair’s opening remarks
9:00 AM
Fireside chat - Crypto winter, crypto crisis, crypto meltdown?
9:15 AM
Fireside chat - Innovation and technology in financial services
9:30 AM
Fireside chat
9:45 AM
The prerequisites for ‘Institutional grade’ digital assets - what will it take to catalyse institutional adoption?
10:25 AM
CBDC and Digital Payment – Trends and Developments in Hong Kong
10:55 AM
Fireside chat - The opportunity for institutions in Web3
11:10 AM
Networking and morning coffee
11:35 AM
Asset tokenisation and institutional DeFi as drivers of liquidity in equities, bonds and other financial assets
12:05 PM
Reimagining financial market infrastructure through blockchain technology
12:50 PM
Networking and lunch
1:50 PM
Fireside Chat - The potential for using digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, as part of the growth plan for the Argentinian economy
2:05 PM
Fireside chat - Regulation of Digital Assets in the UK
2:20 PM
Keynote address - Understanding and managing the risks presented by digital assets from a regulatory perspective
2:35 PM
How to achieve internationally co-ordinated regulation of digital assets?
3:15 PM
CBDCs – getting the design issues right
3:55 PM
Networking and afternoon tea
4:25 PM
Regulation of stable coins
5:05 PM
Financial crime and digital assets: investigations and analytics
5:45 PM
Chair’s closing remarks
5:50 PM
Networking drinks reception and end of Day Two
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
8:30 AM
Registration, networking and morning coffee
9:10 AM
Chair’s opening remarks
9:15 AM
Welcome address
9:25 AM
Keynote address - London as a global leader in FinTech
9:40 AM
Keynote address - Creating a regulatory environment in which innovation can flourish
9:55 AM
Constant change and adaptation in digital transformation, including AI
10:35 AM
Keynote address - Risks to the financial system posed by new technologies
10:50 AM
Networking and morning coffee
11:20 AM
Will innovative cross-border payment solutions lead to the disintermediation of banks?
12:00 PM
Keynote address
12:20 PM
Networking and lunch
1:20 PM
Rethinking trade and post-trade market infrastructure: moving from traditional to digital market models
2:00 PM
Fireside chat - Digitization of the Financial Sector in Qatar
2:15 PM
Managing the latest cyber security risks
2:55 PM
Fireside chat - Combining cloud technologies with digitalised finance
3:10 PM
Digitalisation of regulatory reporting
3:40 PM
Chair’s closing remarks
3:45 PM
Networking drinks reception and end of City Week 2023